How can you tell someone is hypnotized?


Here’s a question that is asked by a LOT of people new to hypnosis.

As a hypnotist how do you know someone is hypnotized?

It’s a good question on several levels.

The preconception some people have about hypnosis is that if hypnotized they will lose complete awareness and hear and remember nothing of the hypnosis session. This is usually a result of watching hypnosis shows on TV.

Many people associate hypnosis with sleep because the hypnotized person usually is unmoving and have their eyes closed so it looks like sleep.

Another reason people think of hypnosis as sleep is because most hypnotists use the word “sleep” as a trigger word to induce hypnosis. So, by default, most observers will simply say the hypnotized person looked asleep.

Some people are so convinced that hypnotized people are “faking it” because they don’t understand what’s truly taking place during hypnosis.

As a hypnotist there are a lot of ways to tell if someone is in hypnosis. Here is my list that I use to determine who is responding well to my instruction and who is responding REALLY WELL.

  • Literal Execution of Instructions.  In normal conversation when saying “I don’t know your first name.” the typical response would be to give them your first name. In hypnosis the the statement is not likely to be  interpreted as a request and any response at all is unlikely. Only when the hypnotist says “Tell me your first name” is the answer given.  In hypnosis the subject will best respond to instructions that are short,  simple and unambiguous.

For most new hypnotists learning these signs of hypnosis happen by experience. Both Jeff Stephens and I are working on regular hypnosis trainings where you will learn AND WITNESS these subtle distinctions of hypnosis.


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