Predictive Programming

Predictive Programming is the practice of saying something is going to happen (predicting) enough times that people assume it will without question.

Once they have accepted this future event as a fait accompli their behaviors fall in line accordingly.

The best example of predictive programming is in religion. Religions will often have various prophecies of an impending future event.  The prophecy will either be mentioned in a scripture or by a religious leader and is to be accepted in good faith.

If the prophecy predicts something foreboding and calamitous the appropriate behaviors  can be recommended to either forestall the event or prepare for it.  These behaviors include

The list goes on. It is safe to say that when fear of an impending event is programmed into someones mind anything that can relieve that fear will be acted upon.
Predictive programming can be implemented for positive events as well but the resulting behaviors will tend to have less urgency.

Examples of Predictive Programming

The Apocalypse – Many religions and subcultures promote the idea of a large and unspeakable “end of the world as we know it”.  This has been predicted throughout recorded history and has yet to be documented to have happened.

The Rapture – This is an example of a positive event where souls will be taken to heaven and saved.

Dec 21st, 2012  of the Mayan Calendar – The reality is that this date marks the end of cycle of the Mayan Calendar but how it has been interpreted varies.  Some predict the Earth’s axis will change it’s rotation in spite of this being a violation of all the laws of physics.  Nonetheless, they are selling everything from books to real estate using this belief.

How to Use Predictive Programming to Control Others

The steps to implementing predictive programming for your own benefit are as follows.

  1. Determine the resulting behavior you want from others.
  2. Decide what emotion would best motivate that behavior.
  3. Decide what impending event would best create that emotion.
  4. Provide evidence that such an impending event will occur.
  5. Make every individual involved understand that they are central figures in how this event will transpire.
  6. Repeat it often and with urgency.
An example of using this formula would be a company leader who wants to increase production for a period of time.  As leader he would announce that the company is on the verge of filing bankruptcy and laying off all it’s employees but there exists a slim chance of hope.  This chance is dependent on each employee performing their job even better.  When addressing this to his subordinates he would emphasize both the positive and the negative aspects of this situation.The negative is obvious: poverty, loss and ruin.The positive includes the continued prosperity of the each person and the company but also should emphasize the wonderful vision and mission of the company and that they would continue in this if they just do a little bit better.

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